2022 · Reimagining · 2022

The Forest

Blog of Feeling Responsive Collage is a medium that allows you to mix different realities. I’ve always been enchanted by the forest and think that it’s a place where anything can be found. Through this digital collage, I incorporated cutouts from a various array of magazines, with the hope of portraying an ambience that is confusing but enticing at the same time. The forest is magical! There is so much hidden in the spaces of nature we transit through. Read More ›

2022 · Loving · 2022

Endless Repetition

Blog of Feeling Responsive Through this short film, we hope to address specific aspects of the psychology of choice. Read More ›

2022 · Loving · 2022

Norah Lange y Jorge Luis Borges en conversación: No soy tu musa

Blog of Feeling Responsive In this written piece, Norah Lange is in conversation with Jorge Luis Borges. Through dialogue between these two writers, I explored Lange’s relationship with Borges and his fame. Norah reminds Borges and the readers that she is more than just Borges’ muse — she is an accomplished and powerful writer that does not need a man’s approval. Norah Lange reminds Jorge Luis Borges that she is nobody's muse. Read More ›

2022 · Mourning · 2022

Migration in the 21st Century

Blog of Feeling Responsive My work is interdisciplinary and is centered around the discernment of class, labor, and consumption of the brown body. I'm a second-generation immigrant from the working-class landscape of Las Vegas, Nevada. My work's visual language and written text reflect the existential and often hallucinatory existence of immigrants with limited familial histories. Read More ›

2022 · Mourning · 2022

Una carta a mi perro

Blog of Feeling Responsive This comic is a letter to my dog Tessie, who was very old and sick when I was making this piece in the Spring of 2021 and who has since passed away. I spent many months grieving her while she was still alive and many months after her death struggling to process her loss in a world stricken with death from COVID-19. This comic is everything I wanted to tell her during that time – my worries, regrets, and of course my love for her. Read More ›