Paseos por mi mente

My final project entitled “Paseos por mi mente,” which loosely translates to “Strolls through my Mind,” aims to capture the constant mental chatter that fills my mind as I go about my life. While I’ve always sought refuge in my own thoughts and imagination, sometimes it can be overwhelming to spend so much time in my head, often overthinking. Luckily, drawing has proven to be a delightful outlet for me to channel my anxieties and existential thoughts.

In my first comic, which I have titled “En Memoria de…,” I illustrate one of my most pressing fears: living a life without meaning.

My second comic, “El hilo del destino…,” reflects on the idea of fate, which I represent with a string—a motif found in Greek mythology and other cultures. In this comic, I critique my tendency to view life as a set of almost magical, predestined occurrences rather than a set of random, meaningless coincidences.

My last set of short cartoons, titled “Otros pensamientos…” is an assortment of miscellaneous thoughts. In the first strip, which is inspired by my use of “pimple patches,” I ponder what would happen if I was able to cover up all my insecurities. My second strip reflects on this question of the extent to which others perceive me. My last strip is a representation of the strange experience that is growing up.