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Violencia en Colombia

Blog of Feeling Responsive "Violencia en Colombia" is a comic about the recent protests in Colombia. The protests began in April 2021 in response to a tax increase but transformed into a protest against the corruption in government and protesters demanded large reforms in the Colombian government. The comic is centered around the story of Lucas Villa, a young Colombian who was killed protesting. His death inspired others to protest for change in the Colombian government. Read More ›

2022 · Longing · 2022

Autoretrato en flujo

Blog of Feeling Responsive This illustration describes the internal conflict of my Argentine roots while residing in the US, feeling connected to both places but never enough for either. Read More ›

2022 · Longing · 2022

Captain America: My End Game

Blog of Feeling Responsive In this self portrait of Captain America, I wanted to portray his stoic nature while humanizing him, focusing on Steve Rogers rather than Captain America. Read More ›

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Blog of Feeling Responsive This painting was a response to the question that came up for me during this course: How do we talk about “understanding” mysticism, which by its very nature resists reduction or finite definition? Read More ›

2022 · Longing · 2022

Der farbige Junge und der farblose König

Blog of Feeling Responsive This German fairy tale follows the journey of a small boy as he discovers the meaning of color. At first, he lives in a gray world devoid of color. After losing his ball over a massive wall, an angel appears and offers a way into the world of color but warns him that once he starts living life in the world of color, his true colors will show. The boy, not thinking too hardly about the significance of these words, begins helping others in his search for his ball. Eventually, after many acts of service, the boy becomes known as the most colorful boy in the land. This news reaches the king, who wishes to meet this peculiar boy. This meeting allows them both to discover their true colors, which terminates in a death and the coronation of a new ruler. I created this fairy tale as a story that could be told for all ages. Through the boy’s exploration of what it means to be both a good person and colorful individual, this story comments on class, service, and morality. I hope you enjoy! Read More ›