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The Poet Tells the Truth

Blog of Feeling Responsive ​​Callum Tresnan is a senior studying Comparative Literature with honors in the arts. After graduating in June 2023, he will move to Granada, Spain. Read More ›

2023 · Persevering · 2023

The Intern

Blog of Feeling Responsive ​​My comic deals with diversity issues in the tech industry. As a Latina woman, I'm a minority in this industry in terms of race and gender. Even though there have been some improvements in recent years, I still feel a little isolated in my classes and my summer internships. Just to give you a statistic that I learned in a class on minorities in Silicon Valley, Latin women constitute less than 2% of the total population of the tech industry. Although many people know about the diversity problem, it can still be very difficult for someone to see this beyond an unfortunate statistic and to understand what it feels to belong to a minority. It wasn't until I had the experience last summer of being the only Latina at an Amazon office that I understood how important it is to have adequate representation. I hope that portraying my real story as a comic will help other people to understand my experience and that of other minorities in technology and other industries. Read More ›

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Sí se puede

Blog of Feeling Responsive ​​My name is Jessica Pacheco, a Mexican American college student who comes from a beautiful culture and a complicated background. I was born in the United States, a place full of opportunities for people seeking the American Dream whereas, in my comic, I portray the challenges immigrants have not only by risking their lives while crossing but also by leaving their families to come to work. This comic can be personal because it represents some of my family's stories but it’s also more universal as this is just the beginning of many other stories. Through this comic, I hope to represent the people I grew up with and illustrate their hard work and sacrifices. I come from the Coachella Valley, which is surrounded by fields of grapes, lemons, onions, etc. As a freshman in college, I had the opportunity in one of my classes to see and be influenced by David Bacon's photography archive, circa 1985-2019 in the Stanford Library of the farmworkers from the Coachella Valley and other regions. For this comic, I have to acknowledge I use some elements and was influenced by some of Bacon’s, my family’s, and the internet’s images to make my comic based on what I thought I could create to represent farm workers. Read More ›

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Blog of Feeling Responsive Pastor engages with my own personal experience raised in a Korean Christian environment and my own personal journey away from religion. Read More ›

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Paseos por mi mente

Blog of Feeling Responsive My final project entitled “Paseos por mi mente,” which loosely translates to “Strolls through my Mind,” aims to capture the constant mental chatter that fills my mind as I go about my life. While I’ve always sought refuge in my own thoughts and imagination, sometimes it can be overwhelming to spend so much time in my head, often overthinking. Luckily, drawing has proven to be a delightful outlet for me to channel my anxieties and existential thoughts. Read More ›